Stucco vs Siding – Which is better for your home?

Stucco vs Siding

The exterior of a home can be covered with siding or stucco to protect and insulate the wood frame. Smooth siding is slightly less expensive than stucco siding. Siding consists of sheets of wood, metal, or vinyl attached to the outside of the house. Deciding between stucco or siding depends on personal preference, costs, climate, and upkeep. The cost to have vinyl siding installed professionally is about a $1,000 for 200 square feet. The cost to install the siding yourself is slightly more than half, about $650. Stucco costs are higher for a professional installation, about $1,500 for 200 square feet. A do-it-yourself stucco job will save about $300.

Home-repair projects require planning and preparation for success. The home repair project begins with deciding between stucco or siding. Calculate the square footage of the home to determine costs, time for preparation, and time to complete the project. Choose a professional installer carefully. Check for a Better Business Bureau rating; businesses with a BBB rating are reviewed for complaints. To install the siding or stucco yourself, spend time every week preparing for the project so no time is wasted during the repair.

Choosing a new exterior can be daunting. Take time to consider options like textures, materials, and maintenance costs. People in harsh climates often prefer the durability of stucco, making the extra cost a worthwhile investment. Siding may be preferred because of the lower upkeep costs. A professional installer has expertise in specific exterior options for your area and can assist you in making the best choice for your home. The stucco vs siding debate requires considering many factors. Take your time and be sure get the appropriate permits before committing to stucco or siding.

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